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Avnet powering unmanned vehicles
in the fight against the pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic exposed the need for a new form of “contactless” distribution, unmanned vehicles slowly and steadily emerged worldwide.

For Changsha Xingshen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (“Xingshen Intelligent”), Avnet served as a one-stop partner to promote the development of a duo of unmanned vehicles that shuttled around Hunan’s Science Park for food delivery.

Avnet’s design chain provided end-to-end value-added services that reduced the time, cost, and complexity required to get these unmanned vehicles to market. The vehicles, currently used for food delivery, can plan their own routes while avoiding pedestrians and obstacles to deliver meals smoothly. The order’s recipient can then scan the vehicle’s QR code to unlock it and receive their order.

Avnet’s engineering team worked closely with Xingshen Intelligent throughout the entire process to determine the most reasonable, efficient and cost-effective system architecture. Avnet also provided its own autonomous driving and ADAS development platform to customers, which alleviated real-time video-image processing challenges.

In the post-pandemic era, the development of unmanned driving will become increasingly common – and competitive. Avnet will continue to provide professional technical support to customers in this field, help and accompany them in the development of solutions and applications, and quickly bring safe and effective products to the market.